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क्या आपके जीवन में किसी भी प्रकार की कोई समस्या चल रही है? जैसे -पति पत्नी में अनबन , ग्रह कलेश , दुश्मन का सताना , काले जादू का प्रकोप , प्रेम विवाह में घर वालो को मनाना , शौतन से छुटकारा , मांगलिक दोष इत्यादि इन सभी समस्याओं से निपटने के लिए हमें +917065728832 पर कॉल करें।

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Astrologer Mahavir Shastri Ji is one among the simplest Love Astrologer. Numerologist, Palmists, Vaastu consultant astrologer. He’s a well known personality in field of astrology. Astrologer Mahavir Shastri Ji is specialized in Divorce Solution, stray Love For, Find True Love, Family Problem Solution, Love Guru Ji, Online Astrology Services, Online Love Problem Solution Astrologer, Love, Money, Get Love Lost Back, has an experience of quite 38+ Years In astrology. 
Astrologer Mahavir Shastri
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Love Problem Specialist

Love is the gift of God. Anyone who suffering from love problems they are also mentally depressed. They just need accurate advice from a Genuine Astrologer.

Divorce Problems

Are you facing any Divorce problems in your life? A healthy and happy married life is also good for your child. Consult for Best advice and convert your stressed life into Happy Life.

Love Marriage Specialsit

Love Marriage Specialist

Couples who want to get married but faced problems in marriage like Society problems, Religious and caste problems. Get rid of all your Problem on just a call.

love problem soluion

Husband-Wife Disputes

Couples who facing Husband- Wife Disputes in their Married Life. They can call for Accurate and genuine solution.

get your lost love back

Get Your True Love

There are many those who needs to Get Lost Love back and they can use astrology which is the best way to keep situations well and lover will return to person.

Business/Career Problems

Are you facing business/ Career Problems in your business or Job? No need to worry get rid out of all your Problems on just a call.

Legal Problem Solution

An able astrologer can see court cases or legal matters and issues in a horoscope. But, different houses are depicting different genre of court cases. There are four types of people crisscrossing the galleries of courts; the first one is court-aggressive and tries to take on everyone by slapping court-cases on them.

Negative Energy Removal

The evil or negative energies are to be controlled and removed, for generating within oneself the positive energies and doing wonderful works! The negative energies and forces within a person provoke him/her for thinking and doing nonsense and spoiling or destructive activities, along with making the mind of the person restive.

नजर दोष, हाय दोष

अक्सर हम अपने आस-पास के लोगों को ये कहते सुनते हैं कि नजर लग गई है या नजर लगने से कोई काम बिगड़ गया है। आखिर ये नजर क्या है और ये कैसे लगती है? दरअसल हमारे आस-पास सकारात्मक और नकारात्मक दो तरह की ऊर्जा होती हैं। ये ऊर्जा हमारे व्यवहार, सोच और क्रियाओं से आती हैं। ऐसी मान्यता है कि नजर लगने से स्वास्थ्य बिगड़ने के साथ हमारी प्रगति भी रूक जाती है। जानिए बुरी नजर के क्या है लक्षण और उपाय…

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Love Problem Specialist

Astrologer Mahavir Shastri Ji is one among the simplest Love Problem Specialist in Delhi. He is Love Astrologer, Numerologist, Palmists, Vaastu consultant astrologer. He’s a well celebrated name of astrology. He is specialized in Divorce Problem, stay Love For, Find True Love, Family Problem Solution, Love Guru Ji, Online Astrology Services, Online Love Problem Solution Astrologer, Love, Money, Get Love Lost Back, has an experience of quite 30+ Years In astrology. He has been providing reliable astrological remedies to people everywhere the planet . Get Complete Horoscope Analysis, birth chart analysis Done today and obtain complete solutions for the specialist astrologer.


Vashikaran is a great ancient technique used by so many people in the early time and it’s not a new name in our country, but the Vashikaran has been the ancient source of astrology. After that it has been used by professional pandits. Some people even benefit with the help of Vashikaran. He has over thousands of couples to get over their love problems. While some people have become accustomed to using it. Although this method seems easy but it is difficult task to perform. In fact, to get the most out of it, you have to be more patient and focused. That’s why you should consult a Vashikaran specialist who have full knowledge of this process and features. Otherwise you are well aware of its habits and practices. When you ask him how he used it. He will first inform you in this way. After analyzing your horoscope and birth chart. He will not only simply suggest his effective solutions but he also guides you by using them. He will not simply suggest his effective solutions. He also guides you by using them. By using it you should be confident for positive changes in your life.

How Vashikaran work for love problems ​

Problems often do not allow couples to live comfortably. There are various reasons for such problems. Some of them do not even know our understanding. Because some problems are not solved by us. As a result you need to contact a Vashikaran specialist at that time. He is a pandit of experts with extensive knowledge of vashikaran. Without it you know about horoscopy and hand divination. When you talk to him about your problems. After understanding them properly. He also analyzes your horoscope and birth chart. You will then be notified first of all the reasons for your problems. He helps you with all the problems that come your way and guides you step by step. As a result, you will no longer have to deal with problems in your life.

Problems are a part of our lives. It doesn’t matter what time they appear. The results are the same. Or it may come from love and relationships. Although its subject matter is very different as when it comes to love problems in a relationship. It is not just a matter of creating obstacles in the life of a couple. Apart from that it creates situations like this where couples are urged to separate. If you are facing this problem. You should consult a Vashikaran specialist in a timely manner. When he knows about your problems. He will help you with his effective solutions. By using them properly under his direction. Things will be normal in your relationship. Even difficult situations will allow you to do so. He will help you to get out of a difficult situation. As a result instead of fear of separation. You will also enjoy wonderful times of love.

Astrology Science

Astronomers even claim that just as the gravitational pull of the moon is the cause of big waves, so it affects the human body as the human body contains 75% water. The moon is associated with depressing emotions in humans. If all the information provided to astrologers is relevant, it helps to provide clarity on all aspects of personal health, financial, family, education, love, health and can provide the best solutions to a seemingly hopeless life crisis and can provide a way or solution that can change or reduce the result and can achieve success at amazing levels.

There are nine planets in our solar system, orbiting the Sun. The Sun is in the center of the Star, which gives us warmth and light. The planets are named: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. According to Vedic astronomers, the planets closest to the sun – Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars – the independent planets and the next five planets far from the sun – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – are named after humans. Rahu and Katu are classified as confused or unresponsive. These are also called planets in the shadow and are identified as energy resources.


Love is the best gift of God

Get Rid out of all your Love problem

Love Problem Specialist in Delhi

What Our Clients Say About Us

I faced lot of issues in my relation from last 2 years and i was just stressed and very disappointed. I get your number from google and your guidelines make my Love life very pleased. Thank you for your guidelines and accurate solution.

Mahesh Kumar Devedi

I faced disputes problems in my married life and met lot of astrologers but did not get the results. Then Finally i Met astrologer Mahavir Shastri Ji and he help me to get rid out of my problems. Now i am really happy with my husband. Thank you Swami Ji.

Deepa Sharma

My husband used to drink and after drink he abused me and beat me and forced me to get divorced. Then i get Swami ji number. After following his guidelines my life become beautiful. and my husband quit drinking. Thankyou Swami Ji For make my life happy again.

Nagma Khatoon

Provide Genuine and Accurate guidelines. Thanks for get me my lost love back. You are such a genius and helpful person. I am very thankful to you.

Aashish Gupta

Its nice experience to have consultation with guruji.. He have lots of patience and work very genuinely. Highly recommended. Thank you for your precious advice.

Stuti Moolchandani

I faced business failure from last 3 years. Then I contact to Astrologer Mahavir Shastri Ji. He Analised my horoscope and give me some Mantras and now my business is growing. I am very thankful to you sir for save my career and business.

Mukesh Patel

ankit dj
ankit dj
Pandit ji bahut helpful hai. God bless him for helping people. He give you right path and always willing to help. Great personality.
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar
Guruji is very soft spoken. He is very well experienced and his reading is very accurate. His remedies actually works for me. I am satisfied with results. Thank you guruji
Deepak Rajput
Deepak Rajput
I met Mahavir pandit ji via Google search. He is one of the best astrologer in city.
Sumit Rajput
Sumit Rajput
I consulted him 1 year ago for my studies and career related issues. He guided me perfectly and also help me. overall good experience with him.
Alabhya Sumankumar
Alabhya Sumankumar
I am from Bihar. I contacted pandit ji some time ago. And to be honest my experience with him is really great. His knowledge and guidelines helped me for sure. Best thing about him he is very humble and calm.
Pinki Sumal
Pinki Sumal
Mahavir ji is best astrologer and healer. I consulted to him. He motivated me towards my career and also give me simple and effective guidelines which work for me.
Tamanna Khan
Tamanna Khan
May allah bless him for helping people who are suffering in their personal and professional life. He is just a pure heart and very helpful person. I had mind blowing consulting with guruji.
Komal Parakj
Komal Parakj
Guruji is well known astrologer in Delhi. He is very experienced and all his predictions is come true. He has great ability to read out the situation and his advice is always effective for me.
Meera Chauhan
Meera Chauhan
महावीर जी अच्छे एस्ट्रोलाजर तो हैं ही साथ मै अच्छे व्यक्ति भी हैं, जिस समस्या क़े लिये हम गए थे उसका निवारण तो उन्होंने किया ही साथ मै उनको कुछ लगा तो उन्होंने दूसरी आने वाली समस्या क़े बारे मै और उसका समाधान भी बताया, एक बार तो सभी को विजिट करना चाहिए मेरा ऐसा मानना हैं, धन्यवाद महावीर जी
Ayush Chauhan
Ayush Chauhan
Astrologer Mahavir ji is the best person I have ever met in my life I met him 2 years back and he changed my life completely i have got every possible thing through his guidance importantly the inner peace Thank you so much bhaiya i can't express my feelings in words. Anyone who is in need of a true guidance must visit Mahavir ji and believe me your life will change in all positive manner 🙏🙏🧿🧿

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